Our boxing levels are tailored to all levels.  If you are a complete novice looking to learn the noble art, looking to use boxing as an excellent way to develop your fitness, or you are already well established and looking to develop your skills further even to competitive fighting, you will be welcome at Empire.

Our facilities and coaches have been developed and hand picked to ensure that all that attend Empire receive and achieve all that the can.  We offer a range of different types of lessons to accommodate all.

Group Lessons

Our group lessons cater for all levels, from complete novice through to competitive fighter. Ensuring each student understands the correct techniques, this allows proper form and avoids injury. The blend of standard helps people develop skills rather than just relying on the coaches at the class. This creates a real sense of community and team in what is considered an individual sport

Private Lessons

We have a range of different reasons why people come to us for private lessons, some people are time poor and not being able to make the group lessons, people that want a few warm up lessons before joining the groups, some of our competitive fighters have lessons to focus on specific areas, all are good reasons. You will get lessons tailored to your specific goals or needs

Female Only Lesson

We offer female only lessons to those that prefer to train that way. Empire has female coaches that have competed and medelled at the golden gloves, you can be sure you are in safe hands.

Competition Fighting

Should you decide you want to take your boxing to the next level, you would be in good company. With Empire boasting some of the best and brightest on the GC, our coaches will give you honest assessments and ensure you are given the best preperation to give you the best chance of success.